Chronic/Traumatic Conditions

Wound Care

The new standard for wound care avoids the old methods of using hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, butter, ice or aloe vera on wounds.  The simple and important message from wound care centers today is:

Don’t put anything on your wound that you wouldn’t put in your eye.

Deep and serious wounds must be attended to by doctors, hospitals and Wound Care Centers. For those small cuts, scrapes, abrasions and light burns, the best solution is to run cool water on the wound for a few minutes. Light pressure with clean gauze should be enough to stop any minimal bleeding. For bleeding that won’t stop, seek the advice of professionals.  The wound should then be kept covered and moist until fully healed, which means the skin has completely regenerated in the wounded area.

You may have heard that “airing out” the wound speeds healing; however this may sometimes be detrimental. A wound that is left open will dry out both the wound and the surrounding skin. The dry tissue is not conducive to scar free healing. Since your skin is the body’s protection against unwanted organisms, leaving the wound open and exposed, leaves your body defenseless against dirt and bacteria, which may lead to infection and a much larger scar.

NeoGenesis Products for Wound Care

NeoGenesis skin care products provide a very natural approach to healing called “systems therapeutics”.  They simply return to the damaged tissue the molecules that were present when the tissue was healthy.  Molecules such as Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin, Urea and Collagen make up the skin, and are also responsible for healing and maintaining the new healthy tissue.  They provide the proper atmosphere to heal the wounded area quickly and minimize the chances of scarring.

NeoGenesis Recovery serum is the first line of defense after the affected area has been thoroughly cleaned. It is considered an OTC (over the counter) product along with topical antibiotics, antiseptics, various types of bandages, and products that aid in healing the wound and reducing the appearance of scars. Recovery is safe to use on new cuts, scrapes, abrasions and burns. 

Because a wound must be kept moist and covered until completely healed, Recovery works well under any prescribed ointment and bandaging and is most helpful when applied twice a day until the wound is healed.

Wound Care Protocol; twice daily

  1. Apply NeoGenesis Recovery to the wounded area twice daily or whenever the bandage is changed

When the wound has healed enough to remain uncovered:

  1. Apply Recovery to the wounded area

  2. Apply Barrier Renewal Cream for hydration and barrier repair

This protocol should be continued until the wound is completely healed with no visible signs at the site of the original trauma.

NOTE: Please note that a wound that is deeper than the surface of the skin should be seen by a wound care professional.

NeoGenesis Products for Old Wounds and Scars

This use of Recovery is not limited to new wounds.  Recovery serum, used alone or in combination with Microneedling or Lasers can improve the appearance and health of skin with older wounds and scarring.  The skin has a remarkable ability to continue healing and the use of Recovery may have a significant impact on skin areas where scarring has occurred.