a barrier strengthening kit for sensitive skin 

A system of essentials for skin that is allergy-prone, easily irritated or inclined to redness. When used in a daily routine, sensitive areas will receive immediate and lasting improvement, beginning the process of reinforcing and protecting reactive skin. 

Sensitive Skin Cleanser | 1.7 fl. oz. | 50 mL 
An ultra mild, protective cleanser that gently lifts away surface debris, excess oils and makeup without causing inflammation. A blend of calming ingredients, combined with beta glucan, helps enhance the skin's resilience, prevent disruption of intolerant skin and minimize signs of chronic irritation. 

Moisture Mist | 1 fl. oz. | 30 mL 
A moisture infusing spray containing a biogenic blend of hyaluronic acid, beta glucan and sodium PCA to hydrate the skin and enhance the absorption of serums, moisturizers and treatments. 

Skin Soothing Concentrate | 0.25 fl. oz. | 7 mL 
A calming, protective serum formulated with stem cells and mafura seed butter to bolster skin resilience and alleviate skin redness and irritation on contact. 

Sensitive Skin Moisturizer | 0.5 oz. | 15 g 
A fortifying moisturizer with amino acids and nourishing seed butters, helps strengthen and soothe fragile skin. Provides an immediate and prolonged improvement in the reduction of redness and helps encourage healthy skin function. 

Sanitas Sensitive Kit

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