About our Natural and Organic Product Lines

ilike - from szép élet

A young company with a passion for our products. Having used and appreciated the products for years in Hungary, szép élet now brings them to customers in North America. Hungary is a land filled with natural hot springs, soil just right for growing succulent fruits, vegetables and herbs and a culture of caring for the skin. From these roots the ilike organic skin care line was born. And for decades these products have helped people live beautifully. We at szép élet want to to bring a little bit of Hungary to you - our partners, our customers, our colleagues. We hope you enjoy the visit! Visit the szép élet website . . .


The hallmark of Sanitas products is the concept of simultaneous stimulation and nourishment. The skin is a dynamic, moving organ like any other organ in the body. Just as you would exercise your body by lifting weights at the gym, Sanitas products use alpha and beta hydroxy acids to "exercise" or stimulate the skin. Just as you must nourish your body with good nutrition after exercising, Sanitas products simultaneously "feed" or nourish the skin with topical vitamins and natural moisture factors. Visit Sanitias' website . . .

Jan Marini Skin Research

Pioneer and innovator, Jan Marini is a respected national skin care authority who has dedicated more than three decades to researching and developing new and innovative skin care technologies that deliver real results. Visit the Jan Marini Skin Research website . . .

Color Science

As the premier luxury aesthetic mineral makeup line, Colorescience Pro gives the every day woman makeup that does more. Colorescience Pro owns the bragging rights of having innovator and founder Diane Ranger at the helm. Ranger singlehandedly created the mineral makeup concept in 1976 with her first brainchild Bare Escentuals. Three decades later, her dedication to the authenticity of mineral makeup and its future is unparalleled. While mass market brands might add a few minerals to their traditional recipes, Colorescience Pro is steadfast and stringent in its formulations and consumer education. Ranger’s products fuse all of the beauty and fun of makeup with the benefits and efficacy of skincare and suncare.

Colorescience Pro is not just the industry standard; it created the standards to which all other lines must adhere to even set foot in the mineral makeup category. By definition, there are specific ingredients that must not be included in the formulations of true mineral makeup - Ranger affectionately terms them “the Seven Deadly Skins.” In addition, Colorescience Pro is credited with being the first to create a brush-on, clear, powder sunscreen – the one and only Sunforgettable - which took the beauty media by storm in 2005. Sunforgettable soon became the cornerstone in the company’s larger campaign against skin cancer.

It’s a PROmise – Free of talc, mineral oil, harsh preservatives, drying alcohols, emulsifiers, dyes and other ingredients found in traditional lines, Colorescience Pro provides beautiful results without disrupting healthy skin function.

Is a PROcess – The use of substantiated and distinctive active ingredients such as peptides, liquid crystals, pearl powder, hyaluronic and salicylic acid in the correct potent percentages, allow the creation of synergistic products that give skin both instant and long lasting results.

Eve Taylor (Essential Oils)

Professionals who know aromatherapy, know an Eve Taylor oil immediately. Eve Taylor and The Institute of Clinical Aromatherapy stand behind every one of their formulas, bringing you a product of rare purity and unsurpassed effectiveness. No wonder it's the number one professional treatment oil in the world!


blinc's mission is to introduce safe and exceptional beauty products that redefine how they should be made, applied and perform. blinc products are unique because their concepts offer a dramatic leap from solutions that existed before, placing them among the best in the world in their respective categories. Even though some of the product claims are extraordinary, blinc prides itself on the fact that they deliver what they promise. Visit blinc's website . . .

Illuminare Cosmetics

What Makes Illuminare’s Liquid Mineral Makeup Unique! The look of real skin, without any imperfections: Illuminaré foundations formulas create the look of real skin while protecting your skin from environmental damage. The colors are true to life, the finishes give an illusion of perfect healthy skin and a special luminosity that real skin has. Never chalky, heavy or mask like. Each foundation formula was made to offer something for any skin type, whether dry, patchy or super oily. And each will deliver all day wear and all day protection while looking like your skin, only better!

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